Berg River Brewery

Located on the edge of the Berg River in Paarl, this is a small yet significant brewery. Their beers are carefully made with passion and expertise, and the taproom is a great place to enjoy a few beers while visiting Paarl.


Beer Selections

Berg River has a wide selection of beers brewed right at the brewery, their list includes:

  1. Leichtes Weizz
  2. Blonde Ale
  3. Bok Beer
  4. Helles Lager
  5. Pale Ale
  6. The Blackland Saison
  7. The Chambok
  8. Voetstoots Tanks

While they’re all gorgeously crafted beers, my favourite was, without a doubt, the Pale Ale. Followed closely by the Weizz.

Visitors Info


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If you’re in Paarl and in need of a refreshing drink I suggest you pay a visit to these guys. They have an inviting courtyard and taproom, where you can do beer tastings or just order a pint to chill with your mates. There’s even a food truck that offers pizza and other snacks.

The brewery holds various events in the courtyard, including live music and an outdoor movie theatre! When we visited a group of locals were using the taproom as one of the most awesome bachelors party venues. Jugs of beer and tons of laughs were free-flowing all afternoon.

Inside the taproom you can buy merchandise, there are Tshirts for men and women, as well as honey, wooden gifts, and glasses. There’s also a home brewing section – yep that’s exactly where I headed – where you can get ingredients and gear for brewing your own beers. The prices there are fantastic, so I picked up a few items.

You can visit Berg River from Tuesday to Saturday, between 9:30 and 19:00 (but they close at 17:00 on Saturdays).

Visit their website for more info.