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After the 2020 lockdown, many South Africans have realised how fantastic online orders can be. Groceries, gifts, clothing – whoever wasn’t ordering online before, has probably fallen in love with the idea now. No queues, shopping in your pyjamas, and spending as long you want just staring and comparing products before adding them to your cart.

Now, while I appreciate liquor stores and find the physical act of purchasing my beer enjoyable, I too have come to find a certain convenience in eCommerce. Not only will buying your beer online save you from the long lines outside and inside stores, but it also offers a lower chance of that dreaded ‘out of stock’ sign – after you’ve put on pants and driven to the shops!


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Online beer stores are also great when you’re far from friends and family and looking to send gifts. I know I wouldn’t mind the delivery of my favourite craft beer at my door on a special day – would you?!

So, while doing some research on where I could order my favourite beers I thought it would be the noble thing to share my list with you.

Where To Buy Your Cape Craft Beer Online

Here are just a handful of places that I enjoy ordering online from.

Hey Joe Brewery


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One of the best – Hey Joe delivers nationwide and offers a wide range of products. They have 7 different beers, which you can buy in amounts of 24, 48 or 120 – or take a mixed case to try a variety. Your order will be with you in 4 – 5 working days if you’re in the Western Cape, and 6 – 8 if you’re anywhere else in SA.

The online shop also stocks apparel, glasses, and other merch, and you can buy a gift voucher if you’re shopping for someone else and just can’t decide.

Shop on their website here.

Darling Brewery


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Definitely one of my top picks, Darling Brewery has a beer for almost every occasion. They’re selling their complete collection of finely-crafted beers in packs of 12 and delivering them nationwide.

Delivery costs just R85 and takes 3 – 5 working days. You can get your favourite brew as well as non-alcoholic options, their delicious grain crisps, and merchandise.

Shop on their website here.

Stellenbosch Brewing Co.


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I recently became a fan of this brewery, and it’s one of the best to spend a summer afternoon at, but if you can’t get to them, at least they’ll come to you. They don’t exactly have an online store, so you need to complete an order form and order a minimum of 16 bottles (which is a case at SBC).

You then get an invoice, make payment, and in 3 – 5 days have delicious beer at your door. If you’re in the Cape metro area you get free delivery, too!

Order on their website here.

Cape Brewing Co.


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CBC contains that comforting taste of home, especially when enjoyed in your own home. These beers are regular guests at braais at our house. You can take your pick from their popular selections, and buy in cases of 24 bottles. Their online store is quite new, and a welcomed addition! You can get free delivery nationwide, although they don’t say how long you’ll wait for your treat (but all great things are worth waiting for anyway).

Shop on their website here.



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Whether you’re planning on a Netflix pizza party with the wife or an online gaming night, Stellenbrau beers pair perfectly with everyday life enjoyments. Their Craven Lager is a classic and usually wins over even the most hesitant beer newbie.

There are four different beers to order online, coming in cases of 24 or 16 (depending on the beer) and delivery costs R150 nationwide.

Shop on their website here.

The Franschhoek Beer Co.


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After my first sip at one of Franschhoek’s Bastille Festivals, I actively sought out the Franschhoek Beer Co. Brewery. It’s a stunning place to visit if you have the chance, but if you don’t then I’d suggest ordering a 12-pack to be delivered. You can select one of the 6 beers in their collection, or buy a mixed 12-pack.

They deliver to most of the Western Cape at a fee of R52 and it seems to be same-day delivery (I’ll be testing this out soon!)

Shop on their website here.


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What’s Your Favourite Online Brewery?

Buying online will never replace the joys of visiting a brewery and picking out a 4-pack of their best brew. Nor will it ever be the same as a quick trip to the bottle stores to stock up for a braai with the guys – because you’ll also need ice, chips, and perhaps a cigar if it’s a special occasion.

But it is a great option when you’re far away from your preferred beer dealer, or if you just don’t have time to go shopping. And while you can grab some of the best beers from the well known online stores like Takealot, etc. I prefer to go right to the source and support the breweries themselves.

Wherever you decide to get your beer from, I hope you soon have a cold one in your hand and a smile on your face!

Let me know below where you like to buy your beer from, and which online option works the best for you?

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