What Beers to Drink During Load-shedding

Hello, darkness my dear old friend… as much we love load shedding the frustration of working or doing anything is enough to pull one hair out. But what can we do during these times once the UPS is dead and coffee shops are closed well? I turn to have a beer to calm my nerves down and hopefully the power come back on soon.

So here are my Top 5 beers I would think of having during load shedding.

1# Darling Brew – Slow Beer

Source: The Cape Beer Guy Instagram

With the Summer days slowly crawling into our lives, this beer ranks as my number 1 load shedding beer as it is a beer that has a well-rounded flavor that does want you to stop drinking after 4 sips the bitterness have the right amount of kick to take the bitterness of Eskom out your mouth. Sitting at 4% this beer is perfect to enjoy the 2 and half hours in darkness.

2# Windhoek Draught

Source: The Cape Beer Guy Facebook

Brothers from the North. In Lord of the rings, Gandalf stated the light from the east on the 11th day or something like that well this is light from the north. Bringing a ray of sunshine into our lives This liquid gold that is mined in the country of Nambia it’s a perfect beer to pop open while you braaing during load-shedding wanting to cook your food just steady on the pouring cause a few more of these and you will be having your own personal load shedding.

3# Darling Brew – Rouge Pony

Source: Darling Brew

You will find the light within the darkness – Some random guy.
That describes this beer as a perfect load shedding situation this pale ale brings to light. This little gem has the fruitiness to give you the feeling there is electricity I found it to be one of the easy-going beers to consume. According to them, it was inspired by the plains Zebra but I secretly think it was meant to bring light into load shedding

4# Devils Peak – Pale Ale

Source: The Cape Beer Guy Instagram

Working from home and load shedding has crippled you once again but only have Devil’s Peak pale ale in the fridge, well good news to that one this beer is a nice fresh crisp beer to give you the needs electricity did before it went out. The smoothness and tastiness of the beer called me to have this in my top 5. With it sitting at 4% the beer hits all the right spots to make the load shedding blues go away

5# CBC Pale Ale

Source: The Cape Beer Guy Facebook

As we know load shedding you need to keep beer bottles cold but with this one, it’s a little different, this little guy comes in a can and will give you the upper hand from personal experience of beer cans they usually maintain the cold a lot better than the bottles.
The beer fruitiness is a huge plus for me. (As far as what I can taste and smell) this will make you forget the power is out for sure.

Why I Enjoy These Beers
With how big the beer universe is these are personally my Favorite to enjoy load shedding or not but since that is looming over our heads like a hangover and they usually say to cure a hangover is to drink. So why not choose from these types of beers during load shedding.

The Power Is Back On?

Drinking beer during load shedding is the best way to fight off the darkness. Beer before and after a storm – that’s what we need! We all know, in South Africa people love their beers, but when they can’t get any electricity for days on end because of load-shedding they really appreciate it more than ever.

The grip of drinking an ice-cold beer during load shedding makes Beer in the Park look like amateur hour. With electricity gone for hours at a time, there’s no reason not to crack open that cold one you’ve been saving all day. It’ll be warm when your turn comes around again anyway. And if you can’t drink yours before power returns, I won’t judge – plenty are chilled by now. Just remember drinking responsibly means getting home safely after enjoying yourself (and don’t give me ‘there’s no public transport)

So while we are here in the darkness we can now finish that song in the sound of silence.

The Cape Beer Guy

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