About Us

The Bru Behind The Brew

The Cape Beer Guy was Founded on the passion to find the perfect craft beer in and around Cape Town, South Africa, Started off when I first fell in love with craft beer I wanted to taste every craft beer out there and wanted to know how was this magical stuff made.

Years down the line I founded out how to make this magical thing called craft beer and decided to make it on my own with the little knowledge I had i went ahead with making the beer and it came out to one greatest beers I had tastes in a very long time.

Couple of years down the line I decided I wanted to take up brewing beer again but in the state of mind I wanted to find the greatest Craft beer ever made in Cape Town, I am now on a mission to find this beer, I shall not give up till i have found it

Dean Saayman

Beer is something everyone should experience without been ashamed